Agile Mission Alignment provides mission-oriented agile certifications to empower organizations to achieve strategically aligned outcomes at scale.

Adversaries and conditions are changing. Use AMA to launch your organization's overmatch.

Nation-states, criminal organizations, and small cells are adapting to exploit the size and slow response of US Defense and Intelligence teams.

AMA transforms the way teams operate and execute.

AMA cuts organizational clutter, reduces costs, and turns tasks into measurable results.

Your Team's Martial Art

Martial arts are clear advantage in an encounter. Instead of just one person knowing the most efficient and effective techniques, AMA instructs your entire organization how to handle ever-changing theatres of conflict and uncertainty.

Cut Cost and Time

When missions don't have enough clarity or team cadence, time and budgets become overrun. Imagine how you and your teams can operate if there were clear distinct deadlines and tasks, you knew what you were doing--and WHY you were doing it.

Align Teams and Outcomes

It's inevitable, within organizations, teams will work on the tasks that are more easily understood, achievable, and available. The issue is that most teams are focused on multiple priorities, with multiple layers of management. We teach how to align all layers of leadership into a streamlined operation.